Is It Time For Professional Drain Cleaning?

Your drains are something in your home that most people don’t bother to think about until something isn’t working properly. Drain cleaning The Villages FL is a common plumbing service that many people don’t consider getting until it’s too late. While drain cleaning is needed when there is a blockage in your pipes, it is also a good thing to get done as part of the routine maintenance of your home. Drain cleaning doesn’t take that long to do and can save you from costly sewer drain blockages in the future. Here are just a few signs that you need to get your drains cleaned soon.

You’re Using A Lot Of Drain Cleaner

Clogs happen and if it’s not a serious one, a little bit of drain cleaner can fix the problem and leave your drains running clear. Unfortunately, these liquid drain cleaners were not designed to be used regularly on pipes. They’re made of corrosive chemicals that can eat away at your pipes if used too much. One of the other problems that people face with liquid drain cleaners is that they do not actually fix the problem. It may clear your drains enough to allow for your sink to empty, but the blockage will most likely come back rather quickly and chances are it will be worse the next time. These chemicals can also be dangerous for your family and pets as well as they often are sitting in sinks or tubs while the chemicals are working to eat away at the clog.

Your Pipes Have A Bad Smell

Your pipes aren’t supposed to smell in your home as sewage is not supposed to stay in them for very long. If there is a bad smell coming from your pipes, there is probably a bad blockage that needs to be taken care of. Bacteria can grow quickly in clogged pipes and this rot could cause health problems. There is also a chance that the blockage is from a rodent that got stuck somewhere in your pipes which can be extremely dangerous to your family’s health.

The Toilet Needs More Than An Extra Flush

There are times where you’ll need to take the plunger to your toilet and it won’t always indicate that there are problems with your home’s plumbing. If you are having to pull that plunger out multiple times a week for things that you didn’t think would cause problems, there may be a blockage that needs to be taken care of before you end up not being able to flush your toilet at all. Not only is backed up water frustrating, but it’s also very unsanitary. In some cases, backups can be dangerous depending on what is causing the blockage. You can try to plunge the problem away or use drain cleaner, but there’s a good chance that your sink still won’t empty as fast as it used to because the clog wasn’t taken care of completely.